Jools for Jim are hair extension specialists.

Jools For Jim have been creating beautiful hair extensions in Bendigo for many years, and always look natural and healthy.  They can be styled, coloured and cut to suit the best look for you.

Hair extensions not only assist you in your quest for gorgeous, thick, full bodied hair, they can be helpful with many individual hair concerns.  We assist our clients who may lost hair through illness or stress, or may be thinning from age to feel confident and attractive again.  Conditions such as alopecia, female pattern balding, thinning hair, trichotillomania and hair breakage can be assisted.

Jools For Jim permanent hair extensions are heat, glue and chemical free, we also have clip in hair pieces.

The Consultation Process

  • After consultation, we require a 50% non refundable deposit to proceed
  • We recommend you use Shu Uemura or Kerastase products and a Mason & Pearson brush with all extensions
  • Hair must be clean and dry upon extension application
  • Price includes having the hair extensions cut in, but does not include having your hair cut. To have your hair cut is an additional cost.  Please view our Hair Menu.


  • Every 5 weeks – from $1.50 per extension
  • Hair must be clean and dry
  • If left longer than 5 weeks – from $2.00 per extension

Hair extension tips for better care

  • Never put hair up wet
  • Maintenance visits are vital to the condition of the extensions and your own hair
  • Some hair loss is normal as with natural hair
  • When sleeping, exercising and swimming, always brush and firmly plat to prevent tangling
  • A satin pillowcase is recommended
  • We recommend you use Kerastase treatments and leave in products on a regular basis

Want to know more?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.