Henna is the revolutionary system to give colour, shape & definition to any set of brows. Created to specifically last longer than a regular brow tint, henna can last up to 4 weeks on the skin and brow hairs.

Our team are experts at creating a flawless brow, by accurately measuring a natural shape, length and thickness that is custom to suit your facial structure.



Henna Brow Design


Begin your brow transformation journey with a design that is unique to you. A precise brow map is measured and drawn to compliment your face & eye shape and your already existing brow. A carefully selected shade is applied to suit your natural colourings and the brow is waxed to create definition.

You will be sent home with an aftercare product (valued at $25) to preserve & protect your new brows.



Henna Brow Maintenance $45
Continue to enjoy your new brows with a follow up appointment to retouch and re-tidy. The same custom design and colours are used to ensure your brows are consistently perfect. Brow wax included.

Follow up appointment but be 3-4 after ‘Henna Brow Design’ service.