Jools For Jim Hair Extensions – FAQ

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Yes you really can have the gorgeous hair you have always wanted.

Jools For Jim hair extensions look natural and healthy.  They can be styled, coloured and cut to suit the best look for you.

Hair extensions not only assist in creating thick, full bodied hair, they can be helpful with many individual hair concerns.  We assist our clients who may lost hair through illness or stress, or may be thinning from age to feel confident and attractive again.  Conditions such as alopecia, female pattern balding, thinning hair, trichotillomania and hair breakage can be assisted.

Jools For Jim permanent hair extensions are heat, glue and chemical free, and also offer clip in hair pieces.

The Consultation Process

To gain an official and accurate quotation, it is imperative that you meet with one of our hair extension specialists.  Everyone is different – some people may onbly require a few single extensions to achieve the look they desire, others may need many. For some clients, the combination of both a ‘skin’ and individual hair extensions is the best solution.  Every head is unique, so every hair extension solution is different.

  • After consultation, we require a 50% non refundable deposit to proceed
  • We recommend you use Shu Uemura or Kerastase products and a Mason & Pearson brush with all extensions
  • Hair must be clean and dry upon extension application
  • Price includes having the hair extensions cut in, but does not include having your hair cut. To have your hair cut is an additional cost.  Please view our Hair Menu.


Q. How are our extensions different?
A. All of our hair extensions have the hair cuticles intact which give our hair an incredibly silky and manageable quality and feel. We also do not use any damaging glues, waxes, chemicals or heat to apply the extension.

Q. Is the hair 100% human hair?
A. YES! & even better its 100% remy hair. Which means the cuticles run downwards on the hair shaft, as your hair naturally would fall. This is considered the finest quality hair.

Q. How long is the hair?
A. 18″ (approx 45cms). However we can custom order longer lengths* (*Can take longer to arrive if specially ordered).

Q. How are the extensions applied?
A. Our extensions are all glue, chemical, wax & heat free on application- we secure all our extensions with a ceramic, silicones line bead- we believe this is the gentlest method, and makes it easy to grow your natural hair.

Q. How long do the extensions last?
A. Our extensions can last over 12 months with Shu Uemera or Kerastase products & regular maintenance.Hair Extensions

Q. How often is maintenance required?
A. Skins- 4-5 weeks, Tips or individuals- 5-6 weeks

Q. Cost of maintenance?
A. Skins- from $50, Individuals- from $1.50 – All depends on how many weeks since last maintenance.

Q. Can I sill colour my hair?
A. YES! We recommend you do professional as we take no responsibility for damage to extensions out side of the salon

Q. How long does it take for the extensions to arrive?
A. We have a wide colour range in stock so usually appointments can be made straight away.

Q. Can I wear my hair up?
A. Yes! But not to tightly & never when wet.

Q. Are extensions just for length?
A. No! Extensions can be applied for volume or thickness also

Q. How are hair extensions affected by swimming?
A.  It is never a good idea to swim in chlorinated or salt water as the extensions will become quite fragile, however if this is a part of your everyday lifestyle we recommend regular salon treatments to prolong the life of the extensions.

Q. How much are the extensions?
A. We recommend coming in for a free no obligation quote as our reception team can really only give you a ball park figure- really anything between $50-$1,500. Prices vary due to length and thickness requirements.

Q. Will anyone be able to see the extensions?
A. No! We custom match our extensions to blend perfectly with your hair.

Q. Will hair extensions damage my hair?
A. Not at all- however following the do’s & don’ts is a must- here are a fewregular brushing, never tying hair up wetbor to tightly, plaiting & maintenance is required to keep both your hair & the extensions in the best condition.

Q. How do I care for the extensions?
A. – Brushing- we recommend a “mason Pearson” brush we retail them for $95- they are designed to gild over the hair with snagging or catching on the extensions
– Sleeping-a low plait to prevent knotting while sleeping.
– Washing & conditioning- we recommend Shu Uemura or Kerastase products- treatment masks are required to car for your extensions.
– Maintenance- skins- 4-5 weeks & tips or individuals- 5-6 weeks

Q. What products can’t I use on my hair?
A. We recommend only Kerastase & Shu Uemera product only- the reason for this is that we at Jools For Jim know & trust these products.

100%. NO PROTEIN BASE PRODUCTS ARE TO BE USED (as this makes extensions dry and brittle).

Q. What to expect from new extension?
A. It is important to understand possible initial discomfort, extra time to shampoo & dry hair, returning to the salon for regular maintenance and the costs involved.

Q. What are skin? What are tips or individuals?

A. – Skins- skins act like a curtain of hair, these are great for ultra fine hair or if you are trying to grow out a bob.
– Tips or individual- single pieces of hair that are designed to swing freely in the hair, and are great way to fill in those stubborn sides that just won’t grow.

Q. Where is the hair from?
A. Hair is source from European countries- mainly Hungary.

Q. Does the hair come pre-coloured?
A. We have 33 colours to choose from however all of our hair can be custom coloured to perfectly blend to your hair.

Q. What happens if I no longer wish to wear my “skin” permanently?
A. Easy, we can attach clips to your skin & they become clip in hair extension! This is also great for overseas holiday where you may be swimming by day want to feel glamorous at night, and require long hair again.

Q. Do you offer clip in extensions also?
A. YES! We provide a wide range of clip in hair extensions in varying lengths, shapes & styles. Including fringes, halo’s (great for covering breakage & regrowth), length, volume & custom made pieces.

Information overload? Please call our expert team on 54416646 to make a free no obligation quote with one of  our hair extension specialists.