OLAPLEX is the product your hair has been waiting for

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We know that colouring hair can lead to sometimes lead to breakage, but now Jools for Jim has the solution in stock; it’s called Olaplex and it’s amazing.

 If you’ve always wanted to go lighter but were worried about breakage, the revolutionary product Olaplex can give you the hair you’ve always dreamed about.

Kim Kardashian’s stunning dark to blonde transformation earlier this year was made possible by using Olaplex.

WindowCling12Olaplex developers Dr. Eric Pressly (PHD in Materials) and Dr. Craig Parker (PHD in Chemistry) identified that hair stylist’s biggest challenge was working with broken and damaged hair.

The solution?

They developed the ingredient Olaplex which actually strengthens hair! It allows hair to be coloured and go lighter whilst dramatically reducing the amount of damage and breakage.


What is it exactly?

Olaplex isn’t a conditioning treatment or a protein treatment; it actually works as a bond multiplier that will strengthen your hair.

How does it work?

Great question! Our hair is very susceptible to damage by using straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons. When hair is damaged the hair bonds are broken and Olaplex works by multiplying hair bonds leaving you with stronger hair than before.

What is the process of Olaplex?

Olaplex is a three step process.

1. Firstly, one of our stylists will put in the no1 Bond Multiplier into the colour.

2. The next step no2, the Bond Perfector, is applied by our hair stylist after rinsing the colour out. This is done before your hair is shampooed.

3. The last step is the Hair Perfector no3. You will be given a 100ml bottle to take home and use it once a week. This step isn’t essential, but it’s highly recommended to keep your hair healthy, strong and maintaining your new gorgeous colour!

 Here are some incredible transformations we’ve already completed using Olaplex..




If you want more information or a quote on Olaplex please contact the team at Jools for Jim on (03) 5441 6646 or pop in and see us at 68/76 Pall Mall, Bendigo VIC 3550.