Is Olaplex really THAT good?

by / Tuesday, 12 September 2017 / Published in All Posts, Hair, Latest posts, Olaplex


Olaplex is the product on everyone’s lips.  From Kim Kardashian to your local hairdresser, everyone is talking about Olaplex. 

But is the hype really worth it?

YES. The answer is yes.. yes, YES.

Olaplex really is the most exciting product to be found on the hair-health and care market in
possibly.. well ever.

Olaplex goes beyond the surface by rebuilding and repairing broken hair bonds. It repairs damaged hair, then rebuilds and restores any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

We truly believe this product should be used by everyone because the benefits are so incredible. One of the best things about Olaplex is that the more it is used, the better your hair becomes.


It will make your hair feel younger, stronger, healthier. The ends of your hair won’t feel wispy and damaged and the follicles will be re-bonded.

Olaplex works miracles for every colour. Brunettes, you can now keep your colour lasting longer as it works to reduce fading.  Blondes can achieve better results with colouring and eliminate breakage, even grey hair becomes vibrant, reducing the look of tiredness and ageing.

But like all amazing products, the real test is with the skill of the technician.

The Jools For Jim hair team has developed a variety of our own techniques and treatment processes utilising Olaplex, covering all hair types, colour, length,

and condition. Our clients are achieving true celebrity level hair quality, through both standalone treatments and within the colouring process.

Even our biggest sceptics have conceded that their hair health, manageability and colour duration has vastly improved. When used during the colour process, we see exceptional results – longer lasting colour, reduced fading and a protective layer added to the hair during the lightening or chemical process.

Stand-alone Olaplex treatments increase hair strength and health, tames unmanageable hair, increases elasticity and can restore their hair to a youthful, natural texture and state. Fora truly superior treatment, we strongly recommend combining the Olaplex process with a Kerastase treatment to finish, where hair cuticles are re-sealed and shine is at a maximum.

We believe Olaplex can benefit anyone, but if you’re particularly concerned about breakage,
feel your hair never seems to get any longer, suffer from frizzy, unmanageable hair or are
finding your hair is becoming fine and brittle, Olaplex is definitely for you.


  • In colour service –  including a client-take home product – from $80
  • Express treatment – quickly restore or boost the condition of your hair – from $60
  • Take home treatment – Softens, heals, detangles, boosts natural curl and soften wiry, grey hair from $40

Want to know more? Pop in and see the JFJ Hair team for a consultation, or email us at info@joolsforjim.com